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Roofing Services

  • Flashing Work

Having a sturdy, waterproof roof over your family’s head is one of the most valued things in life. It’s essential that all homeowners are well-aware and informed of all aspects of their roofing. One of the most important things to understand about your roof is roof flashing, a very important component to keep water outside of any roof.

Areas like chimneys, roof valleys, and areas over the walls of your home can benefit from flashing, a thin metal sheet to seal away moisture from entering your home. Flashing guides water away from vulnerable spots and toward gutters instead. Otherwise, your roof would be prone to leaks in places like joints, dormers, skylights, chimneys and roof valleys!

  • Waterproofing

Make sure that water will stay out of your home and save yourself time and money in water damage repairs with our waterproofing services! We can install a layer of waterproofing material under your roof to keep out the rain.

  • TPO Membrane Roof Masonry

Great for flat roofs that can collect pools of water after a big storm, a thin layer of TPO membrane can eliminate the chance of water getting through your roof. Add protection to your flat roof, as this style is one of the most susceptible types to water damage.

Most importantly, if you own, operate, or manage a commercial property, TPO membrane roofing should be strongly considered as a roofing material. Businesses nationwide choose TPO because it’s a very durable, single-ply rubber-like membrane that offers excellent energy efficiency in addition to its water proofing properties. This sturdy material can withstand extreme weather conditions well, so temperatures inside your business or other large structure are easier to regulate. That means a better environment for your employees, customers, and even inventory that may be prone to damage from temperature swings.

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  • Grinding & Tuck Point

If parts of your stone elements in your home or in your yard are beginning to deteriorate, you don’t have to replace the whole thing! With our grinding and tuck point service, we can grind down the deteriorating stone and replace only what needs to be done.

  • Parging

Does the stonework around your home or business have marks and imperfections that you’re sick of looking at? With our parging service, we can cover them up cleanly! We’ll apply a thin layer of mortar over the stone so that the surface is smooth and even.

  • Masonry Crowns

The one part of your home that’s most at risk for water damage is your chimney, if it’s uncovered. With our masonry crown service, we can install a dependable, long lasting chimney crown that’s guaranteed to keep water from damaging the inside of your chimney.


  • Gutter Guards

Cleaning the gutters is a dirty and potentially dangerous chore that no one wants to worry about. With our gutter guards, you won’t have to! We’ll install guards to keep mud, leaves, sticks, and other blockages out of your gutters so you won’t have to clean them out.

  • Gutter Repair Work

If your gutters are damaged, then they might as well not even be attached to your home or business! Damaged gutters can’t do their one job, directing water away from your building. We’ll seal up and repair your gutters right away.

Do Your Gutters Need a Check-Up? Click Here to Find Out!

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Carpentry & Remodeling

For all of your carpentry and remodeling needs, trust Hoover Roofing. Our experts can build exactly what you’re looking for, for any room in your home! You just tell us what you need, and we’ll draw up a plan that you’re happy with. Then, we’ll get to work improving your home.

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Caulking Windows

  • Windows

A big source of energy leaking in any building can be found by your windows. If your windows aren’t properly sealed, you’ll let out all of the hot or cold air in your building, making your HVAC system work harder. Let us seal up your windows with our caulking service.

  • Door Frames

Just like how windows can leak air out of your home, your door frames do the same. In fact, the problem could be worse as the spaces between the frame and door are usually wider. With our door frame caulking service, we’ll put an end to drafty doorways.

  • All Trim

You may not realize it, but trim that hasn’t been caulked is another way the outside can get into your home. Not only will uncaulked trim let in outside air, but it can also provide an entryway for bugs. Let us caulk your trim and seal up your home.


  • Hardie Siding

Hardie siding is some of the most durable siding you can put on a building. It’s warp resistant, engineered to handle any climate, impact resistant, and is not flammable. If you want siding you can depend on, then Hardie siding is the way to go.

  • Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is another great choice in terms of durability and benefits. It’s long lasting, insulates your building well, and has strong insulating capabilities. Plus, it can give your home a beautiful rustic look if left unpainted.

  • Wood Siding

If you’re looking for a cost effective siding material, choose wood siding. It has a low cost, and it can be easily installed to cut down on installation costs. Plus, it’s always available so replacement is no problem.

  • All Exterior Trim Wraps

Protect the exterior of your home or business with our exterior trim wrap services! Exterior trim wraps can prevent water damage in your siding, keeping it from warping and rotting. We offer all kinds of exterior trim wraps, including vinyl and aluminum.

  • New Installation & Repairs

Need some siding put on your home or business? We can do it! Our experts can carefully and effectively install siding to protect your building. We can also repair existing siding that has worn or been damaged.

Skylights & Sun Tunnels

For an elegant way to let in more natural light to your home or business, try our skylights and sun tunnels service! We can install a skylight or sun tunnel in the shape and size of your choosing. Plus, we’ll make sure that it’s well sealed to prevent the chance of any water damage.

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