Roofing Repair in Maryland

Hoover Roofing recently completed this roof repair in Bethesda, Maryland. We removed the existing slate from 3 sides of the shown dormer, removed the existing asphalt roofing shingles from above flat roof and removed the existing metal flat roof covering. Hoover Roofing furnished and installed new waterproofing over the entire flat roof. Additionally, we furnished and installed 8” wide strips of 1/2” plywood around the outside perimeter of the entire flat roof, furnished and installed new 1/2” ISO insulation board over the entire flat roof and mechanical fastened to the flat roof deck and furnished and installed new 0.60 TPO membrane over the entire flat roof.

Unlike companies that can only install roofing material, Hoover Roofing provided, fabricated and installed a new metal edging around the outside perimeter of the flat roof and waterproofed metal edging to the new TPO membrane. After this, we reinstalled asphalt shingles back above the new TPO membrane flat roof, reinstalled all salvaged roofing slates back around the 3 sides of the larger dormer. To complete the roof repair, we sourced and installed new replacement roofing slates on dormer as needed.

TPO flat roof replacement

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