Slate roofs make a classy statement and is one of the worlds most durable materials for top homes. When correctly installed, slate roofs do not require much maintenance, beyond minor repairs and routine professional roof cleaning services. Mold, fungus and lichen can grow on slate roofs and become an unattractive sight that detracts from your homes appeal. Mold on the roof can threaten the integrity of your home and impact your family’s health.

Mold on slate roofs can build up over time and degrade the slates. Roof mold can cause structural damage to your home. As it grows, it digests the surface it is attached to, breaking down the surface and wearing it like termites,  but more importantly, it can impact your health.

People with weakened immune systems, allergies, severe asthma or lung disease who inhale the spores are at risk of health complications. In the pictures below mold, fungus and lichen have covered the surface of the existing slate roof.

We were able to remove the build-up of the mold, fungus and lichen from the surface, restoring this home’s beautiful existing Vermont slate roof’s appearance and restoring the curb appeal of this existing residence.